Yacht and Marine

In recent years the quality and technology of vinyl wrapping films have increased to the point where an ever increasing number of boat owners and manufactures look upon it as a paint alternative with its durability and resistance to varying weather conditions.

The attractive appearance and special effects of the material can truly transform the appearance of your boat both internally and externally, with significantly lower costs.

The benefits of vinyl wrapping and window tinting are clear for all to see;

  • Money Saving - Significantly lower than the price of painting
  • Not always necessary to dry dock, depending on the application
  • Easy to maintain
  • Replace any future damaged panels quickly and easily
  • Protection - besides the aesthetic effects, the material protects original surfaces
  • Quickly transform and restore the visual appearance of tired looking surfaces
  • Transform interiors in a short space of time
  • Convenient – no need to remove items and fixtures
  • Modernises and gives a new lease of life to tired old fashioned interiors
  • Durable – resisting water, dirt, impact, abrasion, mould & UV rays
  • Increases the overall value of your investment
  • Class 0 and 1 retardant
  • Increased privacy and security
  • Reduce heat and glare Reduce interior fading





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