Vehicle wrapping is the process of applying large self-adhesive sheets of vinyl, conforming directly to the contours of the vehicles panels. This process enables you to completely change the colour of your vehicle or give your business a professional image, advertising your company while you’re on the move.

The material can be removed whenever you wish to revert back to the vehicles original colour. There are hundreds of different options and effects to choose from and with the added benefit of bespoke designed and printed material, this becomes endless and limited only to your imagination.


Wrapping and the benefits?



  • Protection of your vehicles original paintwork
    from chips and minor abrasions
  • It’s removable, as it is as permanent as you want it to be
  • Increased residual vehicle  values
  • Gives a professional business image
  • Strengthens brand identity
  • Colour matching to your company branding
  • Achieve the latest trends quickly and cost effectively
  • Cheaper than a re-spray
  • Sell your car with or without its original colour




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